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100 Tips for Seducing a Woman

Seducing a Woman

As the God of Love, I know what it takes to put a woman under my spell.

Don’t get me wrong, and you don’t need spells, potions, or magic arrows. All you need is a little confidence, charisma, and charm to pull her in.

The following 100 tips for seducing a woman aren’t tricks…they are treats for both of you.

  1. Be yourself (unless you are an asshole)
  2. Show your smarts. Smarts are super sexy and seductive
  3. Have artistic abilities? Those will reel her in hook, line, and sinker
  4. Be gentle at times and powerful at others
  5. Listen. There’s nothing more seductive than someone who cares
  6. Help her out. It’s easy and it’s useful
  7. Take care of yourself physically
  8. Be comfortable financially. Money is seductive, because it shows you are reliable and responsible…
  9. …and having a nice car never hurts anyone 😉
  10. Dress well. You’re not in high school anymore
  11. Cultivate your talent. Passion is sexy
  12. Be crazy sometimes
  13. Be a “bad boy” sometimes
  14. Compliment her body
  15. Compliment her brain
  16. Look deeply into her heart
  17. Be present for her
  18. Spend time with her
  19. Send charming messages
  20. Prepare her breakfast
  21. Know how she likes her coffee
  22. Know what makes her happy
  23. Don’t forget anniversaries
  24. Tell her how beautiful she is
  25. Surprise her on occasion
  26. Be her fix-it man
  27. Give her a gift
  28. Prepare a romantic dinner
  29. Do things she loves to do
  30. Call and ask about her
  31. Respect her choices
  32. Caress her body
  33. Kiss well and passionately
  34. Be generous in bed
  35. Meet her friends and family
  36. Be confident and not cocky
  37. Be hygienic and use body spray
  38. Turn on some music as you turn her on
  39. Set mood lighting
  40. Focus on her erogenous zones
  41. Move forward slowly
  42. Buy her chocolate
  43. Give her flowers
  44. Be a responsible man
  45. Make her laugh
  46. Be patient
  47. Think about the ambiance of romance
  48. Take her on a trip
  49. Wash the dishes
  50. Don’t play games
  51. Tell her stories
  52. Sext seductively
  53. Get sweaty
  54. Get dirty
  55. Give her a petname
  56. Ask about her day
  57. Write a poem specially for her
  58. Build something for her
  59. Buy jewelry for her
  60. Take her on an adventure
  61. Charm a crowd
  62. Be protective
  63. Encourage her to do the things she loves
  64. Believe in her
  65. Be dangerous
  66. Be spontaneous
  67. Try new things in bed
  68. Draw her a bath
  69. Massage her
  70. Pamper her
  71. Whisper beautiful things in her ear
  72. Write her love messages where she least expects them
  73. Pick her up on the airport
  74. Speak to her in a foreign language
  75. Suit upH
  76. old her hand when you walk
  77. Be a gentleman sometimes
  78. Be an animal other times
  79. Sing to her
  80. Dance with her
  81. Netflix and chill
  82. Create memories together
  83. Take her into nature (and then take her in nature)
  84. Plan a day-trip for her
  85. Know her needs
  86. Let her be emotional
  87. Be her shoulder to cry on
  88. Give her advice ONLY when she asks for it
  89. Celebrate her
  90. Tell her why she’s your one and only
  91. Praise her gifts and talents
  92. Admire her in all ways
  93. Show her off
  94. Be romantic, but not cheesy
  95. Okay, sometimes be cheesy, because that’s cute too
  96. Set up a scavenger hunt for her
  97. Charm her family
  98. Be her rock
  99. Be trustworthy
  100. Be there for her when she needs you most

In the end, seducing a woman isn’t some sort of secret formula. If you’re in love, it should come naturally. Take it from Cupiddates: all you need is love.

Okay…I may have stolen that from The Beatles.

How to Seduce a College at Work: Discover Secrets

Not everyone can find their soul mate where all the stereotypical heroes of novels do. Everyone says that true happiness can only come suddenly in the cinema, but if you do nothing, you can remain a lonely person in the end. Many relationships are struck right at the workplace, so many ladies are interested in seducing a work colleague and not looking unprincipled and intrusive? It is not so easy to charm a man during the work process if you know some secrets and avoid obvious mistakes.

Mysterious Seduction

Seducing a Woman

Every man is a hunter who can't wait to find his helpless victim. And if a woman behaves too frankly, then she ceases to be so desirable. Such is the guys' psychology: they are too accessible and not beckon, as well as overly closed. Find a middle ground for yourself. Play and make it clear with just one glance that you are interested in continuing your communication. However, don't let him get too close to you right away - this will prevent him from seriously interested in you.

Men always pay attention to their appearance first. And this is also due to nature. If you constantly wear closed sweaters, forget about your hair and makeup, you are unlikely to become someone's object of attention. Make sure you look well-groomed and happy. Those who exude contentment automatically attract the eye.

Remember that men never miss what a potential candidate says despite the desire to choose the most beautiful girl. If you are used to gossiping, discussing someone, and demonstrating your inability to maintain a conversation, you may forget how to seduce a work colleague. Any guy needs a smart and interesting companion. Therefore, here you can cheat a little and find out in advance what he is interested in. This will allow you to shine with knowledge at the right time.

Show attention not only to the external merits of your object of adoration but also to his achievements. Do not forget to ask about his affairs. Praise him for certain successes at work. The stronger lovemaking loves praise no less than girls, so compliments will always come in handy. Only obvious flattery should be avoided, as it will look completely insincere and reveal your hidden plan.

Failed Game

Seducing a Woman

Sometimes some tricks seem especially successful to girls, although they look not only funny but also vulgar. However, as sad as it may be, many ladies take such advice at face value. The worst way to get attention is to show you are honest. Too short skirts, peeped-out stockings, deep neckline, and red lipstick... You will undoubtedly become the subject of many men's discussions. However, you are unlikely to like comparisons with a girl of easy virtue.

Another bad strategic step is to tell one of your work friends about your plans. Of course, some groups will never spread rumors to the general public. But most likely, the very next day, everyone will know about your non-childish desires for one individual, including himself. And then you will not only fail to achieve your goal but also greatly tarnish your reputation.

Another fad knows your worth. This is a very vague reputation, but it means the following - if a man is almost immediately ready to retire with you, then it is worth giving a decisive rebuff. The more tempting the prospect is for him, the more zealously he will pursue it. Even if initially nothing of the kind was in his plans. Try to maintain some distance until you are sure that the moment has come. The most important thing is that this does not happen on the second day of the meeting.

Modern Gods

Seducing a Woman

Even knowing the mechanics that make it possible to understand how to seduce a work colleague, not everyone decides on this daring act. Most often, shyness and fear of rejection get in the way. If you are afraid of direct contact, then just try to make your presence in his life permanent and discreet. Take on one project, go on a business trip, and don't miss out on joint activities at work. The more often you flicker before your eyes, the better.

Communication can also be organized on the Internet by first adding to the corporate chat and then finding an excuse for personal communication. Today, there are many reasons to start correspondence in any of the social networks. Just be confident in yourself and try to show your best sides - he will certainly appreciate and wish to move to a new level of your communication.

Tips to Seduce a Guy Through Texting And Meeting

It is accepted in society that a woman should not be the first to hint at sexual intimacy, so many young ladies expect activity from the opposite lovemaking. For centuries, a stereotype has developed that it is men who should seek the chosen one. But if one girl knows perfectly well how to breed a guy for lovemaking and successfully uses it, the other is forced to wait for a partner's initiative.

Seducing a man is not so easy. This is a whole art, where you need to use all your natural charm. Even if the young lady does not match her taste preferences, she can intrigue him with a great desire.

Hints of Love in Messages

Seducing a Woman

Communication should be started from afar, gradually moving towards the goal. Messages should not be intrusive with vulgar content. There is no need to complain about life situations but to maintain a positive dialogue.

Rainy or frosty weather can play into your hands. In the process of correspondence, you can write, "Now I would like to sit by the fireplace, warm up, but one is bored" or "I am so cold, but the blanket does not warm."

Some guys share their plans for the evening. If he said he would go to the pool or sauna, answer him, “Great! I would also go." Usually, young men automatically invite a lady with them after such words. Therefore, you need to choose the most beautiful seductive swimsuit and continue the seduction in the pool.

There are many lovemaking-related forums on the Internet. You can find a topic with a slight hint of intimacy and send him a link. At the same time, ask his opinion and see the reaction. In addition, do not forget about innocent jokes about lovemaking. Guys are turned on. An excellent option would be to send him unambiguous pictures on this topic.

Ask for his opinion after purchasing a beautiful negligee or bra. In this case, the photo must be made erotic and seductive, without vulgarity. If the relationship is too close, but there has been no lovemaking yet, add to the photo, "I wish you took this beauty off me." You can be bolder and write, “I really want to share this wonderful evening with you” or “You have such gentle hands, I would not mind that you give me a message.”

Although men do not understand the hints, it will become clear to everyone what the girl wants after these maneuvers.

I am a part computer algorithm, part real relationship expert, who can give advice on everything regarding relationships.
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