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Top Songs About Missing Someone: Heal Your Heart

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Did you go through a breakup or the loss of a romantic partner? This rocks your whole world because you no longer have that special bond to get you through the day. There is love on the horizon for you. You find it hard to process all the emotions about losing your loved one in the moment, but you will survive this challenge. You will venture through the near future and find satisfaction and joy from new experiences, which will ease the pain of loss. It’s a gradual transition from this stage of life to the next, and the music, specifically songs about missing someone can become a bridge.

We feel different reasons that we want to play sentimental music, especially after we’ve suffered a loss. At first, we need to acknowledge the reality of the situation. The alternative is denying that we’ve experienced loss, which won’t help us heal. Another reason to listen to the songs about missing someone is creating time and space for mourning. We must honor the special place each person has held in our hearts. If we don’t allow this period to pass, guilt overwhelms us. When missing someone you love, it’s hard to return to life as usual, but you can feel closer to the memory of your loved one. Try a sad relationship song to soothe your malaise.

Need You Now - Lady Antebellum (2016)

This song about “picture-perfect memories” takes us back to simpler times, such as running errands with our parents or relaxing at a Sunday picnic. You can’t describe your loss, but with one of the songs about missing someone you can feel how you must reunite with the person whom you’re missing. It’s saddening because that won’t happen due to circumstances.

Angel - Sarah MacLachlan (2017)

Made famous in the movie City of Angels, these from one of the best songs about missing someone lyrics describe the pain of knowing an angel who is not of this world must return to heaven. Pick this song when you want someone you can’t have.

On a lighter note, imagine the advice that your loved one would offer knowing that he or she died before you. Would your loved one want you to be sad or keep living life as a happy person? Most of us believe our loved ones want our happiness even in their absence. We take comfort from the idea that they’re looking down on us or walking with us and experiencing our lives on a different plane. This belief makes us feel forever connected instead of eternally separated by distance and time. We never know when our paths will cross again, so the best songs about missing someone aren’t just sad – they give hope.

I Miss You Songs

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Because lovers are unique individuals, it takes time to know them. What makes them tick? What makes them most happy or sad? What are their favorite places to go? How do you help them feel pleasure? You spend a lifetime learning all these things about each lover and sharing such secrets about yourself. Sometimes, the connection is cut short.

As you grow in a loving relationship, lovers change how you feel about yourself. They challenge you to shift your thinking. They encourage you to open up to love and intimacy and you forget the songs about missing someone once dominating your playlist. Once you let them in, there’s no going back because those hidden parts of yourself are exposed. It’s both terrifying and comforting.

Don’t assume people will always be in your life. Enjoy their companionship, love, and friendship. Anticipate the times you spend together because you never know when someone will depart. Once the loss occurs, your life changes forever, but the truth is other bonds in your life can sustain you in the future. Survive it by returning to masterpieces, the best songs about missing someone and let it go, finally. New people become important in your life after a loss, but you can’t imagine moving past your pain when caught up in these strong emotions. Playing I miss you songs will ease your sadness while acknowledging the depth of your feelings.

Photograph - Ed Sheeran (2014)

One of the most popular songs about missing someone in recent yearssums up the devastation of loss in one phrase: “Loving can hurt sometimes.” Please know that opening yourself to creating emotional connections and feeling more alive are normal customs. Losing people is also inevitable, but the despair and longing will pass. The song also reassures us that “loving can heal.” Life gets easier when you take it day by day.

Before You Go - Lewis Capaldi (2019)

We’ve all had that sense of leaving things left unsaid. When someone leaves our lives, we wish we’d made time for them. All songs about missing someone are gloomy, but here, singer asks, “So, before you go, was there something I could have said to make your heart beat better?” We reflect on whether we could have handled the responses we got from our lover if we had more time.

Imagine other times when someone leaves your life for a reason besides death, such as when a short-term or long-term romance ends or a childhood sweetheart moves away. It could have been your third-grade crush or your first love. Separation causes immediate pain. This is when you truly, badly, and deeply need a preferred tune about needing someone. In any language, you can feel the love behind the singer’s loss and these songs about missing someone can resonate with your own soul.

Creo en Ti - Reik (2011)

In Spanish, Reik sings, “I believe in you and in this love that makes me indestructible.” Instantly, you feel the passion and romance behind his lyrics. There are numerous instruments picking you up and carrying you away in the moment. When you listen to the greatest songs about missing someone, you feel a glimpse of hope that you will feel this superhuman quality again.

You Should Be Here - Cole Swindell (2015)

This sad song recalls times the singer and his former loved one were together and how the person should not have left so quickly. He wishes they could share another moment together.

Happier - Ed Sheeran (2018)

The narrator sees his past love walking in someone else’s arms. He hopes she is happier because her smile is bigger with her new guy. But, he believes that he loved her the most.

It’s equally heartbreaking to connect to someone and soon realize that they don’t love you back. They send all the right signals at first, enough forms of positive feedback that you fall in love. After a time, they step away from the relationship, and you desperately wish for songs about loving someone who doesn’t love you.

Dancing on My Own - Calum Scott (2016)

The singer describes how he feels as he watches a new guy kissing the girl he loves. He has no choice but to dance on his own. This sad love song lyric touches the heart.

Mixed Signals - Ruth B. (2017)

You’re in a relationship, but you feel a connection to someone else. You don’t understand how that’s possible, but the human heart is complex. It feels inappropriate, but you can’t ignore the feelings and ponder what would happen if you left your partner for something new. Listen to this song as she describes how mixed signals consume her in one of the best songs about loving someone who doesn t love you.

Ahora Quien - Marc Anthony (2004)

Marc asks what you will do with your most precious person missing from your life, so it is one of the song about needing someone. How will you find the same happiness in everyday activities? Who will tell you those words, “I love you,” or leave that special scent in his bed? He concludes that yes, you will find it again, but it’s a question of who.

It’s hard to close the door on past relationships. When you run into a former flame again, those old feelings resurface, including bittersweetness and pain. All the previous fights seem to crowd your mind after the meeting, and, slowly, you remember why it didn’t work. You want to be happy for your past lover if she finds someone new, but you wish it had endured. Or, you didn’t because the breakup was deeply hurtful, and it took you months to trust again.

When you recognize a situation where a current partner doesn’t meet your emotional needs, you’re standing at a crossroads. It takes courage and self-awareness to assess your feelings and make a decision. When you’re enmeshed in a romantic relationship, there are also times when your heart longs for another. Or, you feel a desire to reunite with someone from the past who treated you better or shared more of your interests. It’s human nature to wonder if there is one soulmate for you or if you would feel happier in a different arrangement. In this case, songs about wanting someone else while in a relationship feel appropriate.

Songs About Losing a Loved One

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Losing a dear friend is devastating. It takes your breath away because you’ve temporarily lost your support system. All the memories you two shared seem insignificant when compared to the permanence of loss. This situation is beyond your control. Unless someone battles a terminal illness, there are no warning signs; you need to communicate your thoughts and feelings. It’s hard to let go.

The Weeknd - Save Your Tears (2021)

The singer runs into his former love and writes about missing her. She looks so happy dancing across the room. At first, he bumps into her, and she sheds a tear. Then, he feels the need to run away. He feels bad about missing her, but she doesn’t ask why they broke up.

Brett Young - In Case You Didn’t Know (2017)

When you tune into the vibration of songs miss you or songs about being lost, this one works. This ballad has a country flavor, and he explains all the reasons he is so crazy about her, and his life hasn’t been the same since she left.

Hot to Tell Her You’re Still Not Over? Send Miss You Songs

Everything about losing a confidante makes you want to listen to songs about loving someone. They help you express the sense of powerlessness. Sometimes, you don’t want to get up in the morning because you won’t see her again. You can’t tell her how much you love her. You have no purpose, but your deeper intentions for life aren’t tied up in one person. You are a force of nature, having entered the world to experience many relationships. Listening to songs about wanting someone to soothe you will honor your feelings.

Great Songs About Being Lost

Missing You - Ray Peterson (1961)

This song reminds us how a man wishes for his former love to be in his arms again. It makes you think of a lonely high school dance where the person you admire flirts with someone else.

Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison (1964)

When it comes to songs about loving someone you can’t be with, this song describes a stranger whose attention the singer wants to capture. He believes she’s beautiful, and she feels lonely just like him. This is one of the songs about loving someone you can’t have.

Me Before You - All I Want (2018)

In a beautiful song from Me Before You, the hero chooses euthanasia to end his struggle with a devastating illness. He writes to describe his choice and how much he loved her. “If you loved me, why’d you leave me?”

When listening to love songs, the nature of the relationship we had with the person who left us does not matter, albeit a family member, a friend, or a lover. Cherish the time you have together and revel in the knowledge that you will experience such emotions again. Forming human attachments reminds you of your mortality. Access your inner strength to endure difficult situations and turn to other people in your support system to survive this transition. Alternatively, spend time in reflection and talking to a divine being (i.e., your conception of God or the universal source), and you will feel solace and infinite love – some songs about missing someone convey that feeling too.

Moving Forward

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Breakup songs also reassure you that you have the capacity to love. Don’t shut down that part of yourself that wants to be around other people and communicate different feelings. You can express this side of yourself to different people, but you never know how long they will be in your life. Becoming vulnerable and risking pain and rejection are all part of the game of life, yet if you need to contemplate alone, songs about missing someone can be your friends.

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