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How to Initiate a Kiss with Your Girlfriend

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How to Initiate a Kiss with Your Girlfriend

Kissing isn’t rocket science, but initiating that first smooch can make it seem as difficult. You love her lips, but how do you approach them? They’re goddesses, and you’re a mere mortal. Do you ask if you can kiss her? Or do you take charge and steal a kiss? Of course, the method of approach largely depends on the girl you’re with, which we’ll discuss in the following tips on how to initiate a kiss.

Ask & You Shall Receive

Ask and You Shall Receive

This may not be every girl’s fantasy, but in my own experience, some girls – particularly those who like a gentleman or a dude with a bit of gallantry – find it charming when a guy asks before he swoops in for the kiss. This takes the pressure off a bit because you know for sure that she wants to kiss you…if she agrees, that is. Then, all you have to do is move in and lock lips. You’ll likely both be smiling because you were so sweet to ask for a kiss, so watch out for the teeth-clank!

Take It If You’ve Earned It

Other girls like a take-charge man. They don’t want to be asked; the question will ruin the heat of the moment. Of course, don’t just grab any random girl off the street and force her to kiss you – this advice only pertains to consenting relationships. But if you’ve earned it and she likes this style of initiation, there must be heat. So heat it up: pull out all the kissing tricks, you know. Put your hands on both sides of her face. Lock her in with your eyes – if you can start a fire with your look, it will only make the kiss hotter – and bite her bottom lip a little with your teeth. If you haven’t tried it and you’re not sure how your girl will react, initiating a passionate kiss like this may just spice up your relationship, so give it a shot!.

Slow Motion

Slow Motion

If you’re looking to make a move on your girlfriend for the first time, try a slow-motion approach that builds anticipation and romance. You can do this quite simply through compliments, subtle glances at her lips, and eye contact. Then break the physical barrier by touching her arm, hand, face, or wherever you feel comfortable. If she seems receptive to this, it’s time to go for the gold. Lean in and kiss her gently. Then open her mouth a little with yours and let nature take its course.

Make Her Do the Work

Make Her Do the Work

We’ve talked about how to initiate the kiss yourself, but we have yet to talk about how to make your girlfriend kiss you. You’re not the only one who wants to play tonsil hockey, so let her do the work. To give her some cues that you want to kiss, face your body towards her, focus on her intently, demonstrate your interest in what she’s saying, and break the touch barrier by brushing her hand as you laugh or playing with her fingers. All of this will entice her. Reel her in with a look, and you may just have her hooked. By heating her up and then not initiating, you’ll force her hand.

Not everyone responds to these approaches in the same way, so you’ll need to experiment a little. Try out all of the above methods to initiate a kiss with your girlfriend and see which one works for you!

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Kiss Her Immediately! Or 6 Positive Sides Kissing

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Kissing is more than just an enjoyable activities that can help you relax and improve your mood. They also have a very beneficial effect on the physical condition of the body. How? We will talk about this today.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

What could be worse than an allergic itch or a runny nose? It turns out that not only medications help reduce these unpleasant symptoms. A study published in the journal Psychosomatic Research found that kissing for 30 minutes can help reduce allergic symptoms in people suffering from atopic eczema or mild seasonal allergies.

Pain Relief

Even short kisses can help relieve lower back pain. In 2015, interesting results were published in Current Pharmaceutical Design magazine. Scientists have found that oxytocin, released during kissing and hugging, can help relieve chronic pain. Scientists noted this hormone itself has analgesic properties - in other words, and it helps to get rid of the pain. It also reduces the level of anxiety and the severity of depression.

Reduced Stress

There is an important reason why you should devote time to kissing after a busy day. In addition to other benefits, studies have shown that they can reduce the level of cortisol, a chemical produced in the body during psycho-emotional stress.

Improving Oral Hygiene

According to some experts, kissing can help prevent tooth decay. Joshua Perlman, a New York City dentist, points out: “Kissing produces an increased amount of saliva. It allows you to cleanse harmful bacteria from the surface of your teeth. This helps reduce the risk of plaque formation. That reduces the risk of caries."

Kisses Help You Choose the Partner Suitable for You

In 2007, the results of the study were published in the journal Evolutional Psychology. It turned out that during kissing, partners exchange genetic information about each other. Namely, the data associated with the histocompatibility complex. This is the name of the set of genes that is responsible for human immunity. The histocompatibility complex's compatibility allows you to find a partner whose immune system is different from yours. In other words, kissing shows if your genetic lineage is too close and if a partner is suitable for reproducing healthy offspring.

Benefits for a Sexual Life

Keeping your lovemaking life high can be difficult - especially if the couple has been around for years. Household chores, children, work... All this pushes lovemaking into the background. “In this case, any physical contact will be useful. Kisses, hugs, and simple touches are also important - they help to increase the degree of passion, which is so important in a long-term relationship, ”says sexologist Ellen Bernard from Wisconsin (USA).

How to Kiss a Guy on a Date And Not Make Mistakes

The first kiss with an attractive young man is the most breathtaking experience on a first date. But how to kiss a guy so that the first kiss really becomes unforgettable?

The Right Time to Kiss

The very first thing to remember is that your relationship with a guy cannot be in the dating stage. After all, you can't just take and walk up to a stranger you like in the park and try to kiss him. Of course, you can try, but the desired result will definitely not be after that. It's best to start thinking about how to kiss a guy after a few walks together. Psychologists say that the best moment to kiss comes at the end of your date because such a date's very romantic setting is a great start to the upcoming kiss.

Suitable Place for Kissing

For the first kiss to be truly memorable, a romantic setting is needed. A cinema or a cozy cafe can easily provide such an environment, but a nightclub is hardly suitable, they are always noisy. You don’t need to eat a lot before kissing, but try to have your boyfriend eat a little. When kissing, he should think about you, not about food. It is very important not to overdo it with alcoholic beverages. Instead of a loving kiss, you do not want to get a romantic standing near the toilet, waiting for your drunk boyfriend. The minimum amount of alcohol, on the contrary, will help the girl cope with her shyness, and the guy will relax.

How to Get a Kiss on the First Date

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And now, finally, the date is nearing completion, pleasant music sounds, or maybe he just escorts you home. The main thing now is to find the right moment to kiss. To do this, you need to think over some important nuances of the upcoming date in advance.

Choose a comfortable place. You must be close to each other. If you sit in a cafe opposite each other, then reaching out to a guy with a kiss will be very difficult and inconvenient. Therefore, it is better to choose in advance the seats next to your lover. If the date takes place in the car, and he is driving, you need to sit next to him in the front seat.

Talk. Prepare a list of distracted, relaxed conversation topics in advance for yourself. This will help relax the guy and create a kiss-friendly mood.

Convenient moment. If you try to kiss a guy at the wrong time, then there is a high probability of getting a negative reaction from him. The prerequisites for understanding that such a moment has come - the relationship level has been reached in the relationship, a pleasant conversation is conducted in a relaxing place. In the eyes of the young man, it is clear that he really likes the girl.

Clothes and makeup. To look beautiful and gentle in the eyes of a young man, a girl should have as little makeup as possible and be as natural as possible. If you come to meet a painted like an Indian who has gone out on the warpath and at the same time pour over the spirits of a dubious production, then such a girl will not only be scared to kiss, but she will not want to come close.

It is better to put your hair back so that the guy can easily get to your lips at a crucial moment. Avoid bright lipstick shades, and oddly enough, guys are scared off by juicy colors. It is preferable to use hygienic lipstick. It will not only give your lips a natural pink tint but also make your lips moisturized and more well-groomed. The oral cavity can be freshened up with chewing gum or a special refreshing spray.

The very first kiss can become an important stage in the development of any couple's relationship. Many lovers are sure that, from this moment on, their flirting has turned into a real serious relationship.

I am a part computer algorithm, part real relationship expert, who can give advice on everything regarding relationships.
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