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What can I do when I love a girl who’s already in a relationship?

love a girl

You’ve met a girl. She has the perfect smile; it lights up the room. She laughs at your jokes and touches your arm. She’s stunning, smart, sophisticated, and just plain “gets you.” But guess what, fella – she’s taken.

It’s a rare case to find a winner who checks all the boxes and is single. But the fact that she’s taken doesn’t mean you stop wanting her. So what do you do about it? In the end, if the girl who’s won your heart already has someone on her arm, you have three options:

  • Lay in wait for the relationship to fall apart,
  • Propel the relationship in that direction, or
  • Wake the hell up: there are billions of women in the world!

Let’s look at each option in turn.

Lay in Wait

There are several feasible reasons you might choose this option. For one, you might not be a total douchebag and would prefer to wait it out in case she truly is happy with her current boyfriend. If she’s deeply in love, you’ll also have a tougher time breaking up the relationship, especially if you don’t have a foot in the door. Even more importantly, her current boyfriend could be a good guy or one of your friends. All decent reasons to lay in wait and hope that the girl of your dreams has a falling out with her man and stumbles right into your arms. In order to make sure no rival swoops in at the last second, make sure you’re there to catch her. Build a prior connection with her – a friendly one – while ensuring you haven’t landed yourself in the “friend zone” by pushing the envelope with some light-hearted flirtation prior to your crush’s inevitable break-up.

Propel the Breakup Forward

If you choose to go the shadier route and take this relationship down, you’re gonna need some game. Straight-up smack-talk about her current boyfriend will get you nowhere. She’ll see right through it and think of you as vile and manipulative rather than how you want her to see you…which is better than her boyfriend. Instead, lend her an ear and, slowly but surely, become her advisor. Be subtle. If you know, there are problems in the relationship, provoke conversation about the boyfriend in a casual way and then offer “friendly” advice. Persuading her to leave him won’t be easy. But nudging her in the right direction by highlighting why she’s “too good for him” or he’s “not enough for her,” without being quite so on-the-nose, will demonstrate you value her, while also planting the seed of an idea that you – the perfect guy – could be a viable replacement for her not-so-perfect boyfriend.


The last option, of course, is to wake the hell up and realize you’re in a world with billions of women. Some of the good ones are taken, yes. But others are out there, waiting. Instead of fawning like a lovesick pup over your best friend’s girl, maybe it’s time you open your eyes, look around you, and realize there’s plenty of other fish in the sea.

7 Tips for Girls About How to Sell Out Husband And Do Not Get Caught

So, you decided that it was time to cheat on your faithful. But how can you do this in the best way for yourself? How not get caught red-handed? Can everything be organized according to the best conspiracy standards? We will talk about all these subtleties today.

Tip Per Million: Adequate Assessment of Your Opportunities

love a girl

Situations that push a girl to cheat are different, and no one is worth judging here. A variety of things can provoke infidelity - sometimes relationships get bored, and you want something new; sometimes - the partner becomes cold and distant. And in this case, betrayal helps to regain faith in yourself and a better future. Sometimes it also happens that relationships simply exhaust themselves. And as such, this infidelity cannot be called infidelity - you just need to put an end to the relationship with a tyrant, an eternally absent man, an alcoholic, a terry mama's son, and so on.

Still, this process inevitably affects the psyche of the woman herself. This is worth remembering: many cheating girls end up suffering psychological trauma themselves.

Hence the main conclusion: if you do not want, do not change. Infidelity is not for everyone, and these are not empty words. One woman will not withstand feelings of guilt: her life under the pressure of guilt will collapse faster than a house of cards in windy weather. Another, for lack of attentiveness, will lie badly. In the end, all her deception will be sewn with white thread on black brocade. The third will simply get tired of juggling with a child, two men, and three jobs. And all her life spheres will be in the background.

If you feel enough determination in yourself and are sure that you can cope with the management in any situation - then go for it. Perhaps cheating will be the turning point in your life. And it will even be able to bring it to a higher level.


The following recommendations have become a philosophy for those who once decided to step on a slippery slope and at the same time keep their reputation impeccable.

Keep your mouth shut. Your faithful should not know anything about a new friend. You don't need to rave about your new gym trainer or the business partner you met yesterday during the negotiations. Yes, you feel anxious and want to share your emotions with someone. But lovers are not even worth mentioning - nothing good will come of it.

Confidentiality comes first. Use a separate phone to communicate with your lover. You don't need to call him from your main or work number. Also, do not spend time in places where you can be recognized - for example, in a cafe or restaurant. One more thing: don't send him messages from your main email address or social media account. If a new guest constantly visits your page, it will immediately become noticeable.

This also includes the need to delete messages from all media. Yes, you can get overwhelmed by a wave of sentimentality. But you do not need to succumb to momentary feelings - after all, then you can greatly regret it. So feel free to erase emails, messages - and your browser history to boot.

Do not quarrel with your husband. People who cheat often go to extremes. They either begin to please their partner in everything to compensate for the feeling of guilt; or enter into constant quarrels with him so that he, too, feels guilty. And, therefore, a reason for the infidelity supposedly appears. Try to refrain from both. The best thing is to treat your husband the same way as before.

No drastic changes in behavior. Be careful that your behavior does not cause suspicion. If you have never cut your hair but then decided to cut it and dye it - this may cause unnecessary guesses in your husband. A sudden love of sports, work to sweat, or listening to unusual music - all this will invariably raise suspicions about the deceived party.

Don't forget to spend time with your regular partner. Of course, you will certainly want to “stay late at the office.” However, this argument can work 1-2 times a week - no more. You also sometimes have to come home early, making time for the faithful. First of all, this will be true for all sides of your love triangle.

Don't take pictures with your lover. Now any picture can get into the social network and spread at the speed of sound. If you really want to keep a photo with your lover for yourself, download a special application that is password protected and disguised as a calculator or something else.

Don't talk about your hobby. Remember, the fewer people who know your little secret, the less risk. Sometimes complete secrecy, when no one knows about your adventures - the best option.

And also, remember always to have options for good excuses in stock. Are you looking disheveled? It was a very hard day at work - they forced me to wash the floors. Did someone see you in a cafe? Met a childhood friend. Etc. At the same time, if necessary, do not fall into excuses - the more you try to whitewash yourself in a critical situation, the more suspicion the precedent will cause. So if someone really meets you in the company of a lover, just say that this is an old friend. And that's the end of it.

Marital Infidelity Time Proven Tips

love a girl

You've probably thought about it at least once. Perhaps you have heard enough of the colorful stories of your friends. Or “50 Shades of Gray” is just about your marriage. In the sense that your life together has completely lost any colors.

Or maybe you are not going to cheat on your wife or permanent girlfriend. But thoughts about this do not leave you.

What about those who nevertheless decided to fulfill their vicious fantasies?

The First Rule of the Club...

Relationships are always a game. Every game has rules. And if we break them, then do it beautifully and gracefully. The easiest way to get caught is to keep an active correspondence with your passion in front of your wife. It would seem that it could be easier - do not press aggressively on the phone keypad with an enigmatic smile at a family dinner. But no. How many self-confident hero-lovers fell asleep on such a trifle.

In Cash or Card?

Use cash, especially if your spending is very suspicious - like booking a hotel room or buying lingerie. Which your wife never got. Our smartphones are one piece of evidence. If you pay with a card, your faith will be able to go over the history of transactions, and she will have a couple of questions for you.

Alarm Ring

When our other half begins to evade marital duty fulfillment for unknown reasons, we begin to worry. And suspect. Since you have decided to get yourself a second (third? Fourth?) Lady of your heart, be ready to satisfy both of your women.

Dirty Trick

You will have to master the favorite manipulation of seasoned Don Juans. Sooner or later, your wife may suspect something. And perhaps she decides to start a scandal out of boredom to add spice to your fresh everyday life. Your task is to masterfully "translate the arrows" and make her feel like a mad jealous woman. Darling, I never even thought about it! You're too suspicious. This is just some kind of pathological jealousy! The lip print on my neck is thanks to the old lady I helped to cross the road. What? Scratches on my back? I heroically saved a cat that climbed a tree and meowed desperately. Really!

I am a part computer algorithm, part real relationship expert, who can give advice on everything regarding relationships.
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