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Top 50 Compliments to Give Men

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Men like to receive compliments just as much as women do. Although women don’t feel as much pressure to compliment-bomb men, your words and thoughts about his personality, looks, sense of style, his taste – all of these things do matter to him. You can boost his ego with some well-chosen words delivered with a smile.

But where to start? If you’re not proficient in complimenting the opposite gender, first note about what exactly he’d like to receive encouragement. As with men shelling out compliments to women, there are a few do’s and don’ts when giving men the right compliment. Here are some tips to get you started.

What to Do

Do you know what he’s most proud of? Does the guy you like believe he’s got the best taste in music on the planet? Does he grill up a mean barbecue? Does he strive to make you laugh? Does he think he’s a genius? Knowing your guy’s strengths as well as he does – and knowing which of these strengths he’s most proud of – will guide your complimentary ways. When you know where his pride lies, you can reinforce it by complimenting an attribute in that arena.

Do know his vulnerabilities. Another tactic is to know his weaknesses. What does he feel inadequate about? Does he not feel brave enough, strong enough, or ‘man’ enough? Men’s egos can easily be bruised, so giving your guy an ‘attaboy’ with a well-timed or well-placed compliment in an area in which he’s vulnerable can give him an ego-boost like none other. And his newfound confidence is just another thing you can shower with compliments.

Do deliver your compliment with sincerity and a smile. Your delivery is nearly as important as the words you’ve chosen. Hold his gaze and smile when telling him how awesome he is. He’ll see the sincerity in your eyes, making the exchange a moment to remember.

What NOT to Do

Don’t use lines. No guy wants to hear something you keep in your back pocket. Just as you would, he’d like words that are original and custom-made for him. Instead of doling out the same line you do to all guys, choose his most distinguishing feature and uniquely spin your compliment. For instance, avoid the all-too-familiar, “You’re funny,” and instead remark, “Every time you say something, whatever I’m drinking shoots out my nose.” Be original. Be personal. Be genuine.

Do NOT give backhanded compliments. Although you may not intend your compliment to be taken the wrong way, it might be if you don’t think it through. For example, if you tell a guy he “looks more muscly than usual,” the compliment indicates he doesn’t normally appear strong. Instead, just tell him he looks good; there’s no reason to imply he sometimes doesn’t.

Follow these do’s and don’ts of complimenting, and you can turn your guy’s day around. With sincerity, a smile, and some thoughtfulness, you’ll boost his confidence and make him feel like a million bucks.

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If you still don’t have enough time or creativity, use some of these time-tested compliments every guy loves to hear:

Compliments for Men Infographic

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Examples of What Compliments Men Love

Everyone knows that women love compliments. However, men love them no less, but many believe that praising men and giving them compliments is not at all appropriate. Let's try to dispel this myth and highlight the main compliments that men love most.

The Best Compliments Every Man Will Appreciate

  • About a sense of humor

The ability to joke well and appropriately is the strong point of any successful man. This can save a lot of awkward situations and defuse even the tensest situations. Compliments like "Darling, I will never forget that joke ..." will not only lift his mood but also make it clear that you are happy and comfortable with him.

  • About appearance

However, it should be borne in mind that it is better to choose compliments that emphasize his masculinity. "You are so tall and handsome," "You have such a good posture," or "Dear, I like your broad shoulders and strong arms so much" are the best phrases with which you can please a man and at the same time not overdo it with flattery.

  • About actions

Unfortunately, many women take men's attention for granted and do not appreciate it at all. This is fundamentally wrong - most men leave for another woman precisely because he is appreciated, cherished, and cherished there. There is a misconception that a man "owes this, this and that," but a man, in principle, owes nothing to anyone. Everything he does for you is exclusively his motivation, and you should be grateful for this and give something in return. Tell him a phrase like "Honey, everything you do for me is so important to me," or thank him for some act or gift with the phrase "I am pleased with your attention, I really appreciate it." This is the least that can be done - and regular praise will bear fruit and harmony in the relationship.

  • About communicating with children

In most families, dads pay less attention to children than moms. In general, this is normal and logical - fathers work, and mothers are engaged in everyday life. However, often in cases where a man tries to spend time with a child or take care of him, a woman immediately appears, standing over his soul with phrases like "You're doing everything wrong," "this is wrong," and everything in the same spirit. A sure way to discourage a man from having a child in general. Therefore, it is worth praising him for his desire to help with the child and spend time with him, and if he does something wrong, you can gently and accurately show how it should be.

  • About leadership

For most men, the last word must always be their. A wise woman knows how to organize everything so that it is according to her, and at the same time, the man is satisfied. Remind him often that he is great and helps you a lot, and compliments like "Darling, it was the right decision, thank you for your help" or "Darling, I can always rely on you" are the best balm for the soul of any guy.

  • About trust

For a guy, the support of his girlfriend is vital. It is not for nothing that they say that many successful men would not have achieved anything in life if it were not for the women who stand behind them, and there is some truth in this. In no case should you openly criticize a guy, even if he does something wrong? Better to sit down at the negotiating table and constructively discuss the pros and cons. But if a man has made some decision and wants to achieve his goal at all costs, support him: "You will definitely succeed," "you can count on my help at any time," "I believe in you" - magic phrases that can help a man move mountains.

  • About feelings

Although many people think that men do not like to admit their feelings, this doesn't seem right. Of course, few guys will confess their love to a girl in front of witnesses - this is quite normal because men are more secretive by nature and like to keep things secret. However, in private, they are transformed and can love and want to talk about their feelings. Do not be shy and you tell him about yours. Simple phrases like "I love you," "I feel so good with you," "You are the best thing that happened to me in my entire life" will inspire a man and make your relationship stronger and more trusting.

Finding the key to a man's heart is not as difficult as it seems, even if it looks like an unapproachable flint. Each small drop of "water" in the form of a compliment wears away the "stone" in the form of a man, so the fate of your relationship is exclusively in your hands.

Affectionate Words for a Man. How and in what Cases to Speak?

From a young age, we absorb the following: women love with their ears, men love with their eyes. A woman without compliments, like a flower without water, immediately withers and fades.

Worldly wisdom, of course, is very, very useful. But do not forget that affection is required not only for women but also for men.

Any wise woman will tell you that it is necessary to say affectionate words to your beloved man from time to time.

But which ones, we will tell you now.

Little Feats

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Most women chuckle when they are instructed to praise their man at the earliest opportunity at women's training sessions and celebrate any help with the housework.

"I asked him for six months to nail a shelf in the bathroom. Six months! Am I going to crawl in front of him when he finally deserves to do it ?!" - yelling ladies, overwhelmed by righteous anger.

It is unnecessary to "creep" and arrange a theater for one actor (actress). If a girl does not have acting talent, her performance will look ridiculous or mistaken for banter and mockery.

It is enough to show that a woman appreciates the man's help with the household. Whether it's a nailed shelf or taking out the trash without a reminder, it is worth thanking him for his help if a man completed the task given to him. If the result is particularly successful, it is worth noting.

Everything is like with small children.

Many women say they hate cooking and cleaning the house because they received nothing but criticism as a child. "Again, I need to wash the floors after you, armless! All the stains and dirt in the corners! " - voila! - the girl grows up and hates washing floors.

Every time she picks up the mop, she recalls her mother's angry look and tosses the rags and "Mr. Clean" to the hell. "You're cutting the onion wrong! What is it all about, let me do everything myself! " - from now on, the girl will not touch onions and vegetables in general and will hate cooking with all her soul. The same with washing, ironing, etc.

A truly wise parent will grudgingly eat burnt scrambled eggs or cold pasta conglomerate, squeezing out a mean smile and praise. At one time, the child will not learn how to cook masterpieces or wipe the floors to a shine. But praise will make him take the initiative more and more often, gain experience and improve.

Men are the same children. Unless their cars are not a toy, but life-size, and instead of cartoons, they watch adult movies.

  • When the man fulfills the request, he needs to be thanked and praised.
  • If he did something without being reminded, this should also be noted.
  • Indicate flaws carefully and do not cut a man for a broken mug until the golden wedding.

With No Reason

Do not overdo it with compliments and lisp with a man like a five-year plan. But if you give him praise only after another feat, you won't get far on this. He will not turn into Pavlov's dog and will not start rushing around the house with a hammer to gain praise at breakneck speed.

Compliments and affectionate words to a beloved man need to be said more often so that he perceives them as pleasant little things in life and not rare positive sanctions.

Let him associate praise with the woman he loves and the warmth that she radiates, not with a nailed shelf or washed dishes.

I am a part computer algorithm, part real relationship expert, who can give advice on everything regarding relationships.
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