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Top 50 Compliments to Give Women

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Complimenting a woman is easier said than done. A lackluster "You are beautiful" is just not enough to sweep a woman off her feet. Why? Well, because the words you choose are only half the battle. The other half involves the way you express them.

How do you find the sweet spot? How can you pass off something you've prepared as genuine and not forced? Although it's not rocket science, there are a few do's and don'ts when it comes to giving a woman the right compliment. Here are some pointers.

What to Do
How to compliment
  1. Do know her values. By knowing what she values – whether it's appearance, intelligence, humor, talent, or whatever it is that floats her boat – you can tailor your compliments to suit her. Not all women are focused on their looks, so if she's proud of her brain or her wicked nunchuck skills, compliment her on these attributes at times, not always on her pretty face.
  2. Do be genuine. You want your compliment to roll off the tongue naturally, so you must believe what you say in the end. Don't compliment her for the sake of complimenting. A woman knows when you're just filling the silence, and there's nothing worse than having to fake a smile for a forced compliment. So instead of being over-complimentary, dole out the love when you truly mean it. And if your girl is a catch, you'll mean it all of the time.
  3. Do be confident. Your delivery is nearly as important as the words you've chosen. It's natural to grow nervous when chatting with someone you like and admire, but your nerves will make her too uncomfortable to receive your compliment with anything but a grimace. Instead, practice what you want to say, making a note of your body language. Maintain eye contact and convey confidence with your strong voice and your words.
What NOT to Do
How not to compliment
  1. Do NOT be cliché. One way to catch her attention is to strike all generic compliments from your repertoire and give her one that's completely you. "You have beautiful eyes…" is something she hears all the time. Instead, break out your college writing 101: similes and metaphors. What do her eyes remind you of? Are they as green as the sea on a stormy day? Are they as blue as an icy mist? You don't have to be Shakespeare to put into words exactly how beautiful they are.
  2. Do NOT expect something in return. As with anything, you should give without any ulterior motive. Don't expect her to return the compliment or give you anything other than a "thank you." Even that, you may go without. Say it with a pure heart, and your compliment will go over a lot better than if you're expecting anything out of it.
  3. Do NOT be vulgar. No woman wants to hear it. And if you don't know that by now, you may be a lost cause already.

Although, as noted, you shouldn't expect anything in return, follow these do's and don'ts, and you may just win her heart. All you need is a bit of sincerity and charm for your compliment to win over its audience. So make your compliment stand out from the crowd; give it some weight. If your words don't stay in her mind, then neither will you.

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7 Golden Rules of Pickup or How to Love a Woman

Ever wondered why some guys get to know girls better than others? And it's not at all about their pretty appearance, unprecedented mind, or a pile of money in their pocket. The fact is that they have two qualities that work for their benefit: self-confidence and perseverance.

Some men have these qualities by nature. Others develop them through work and experience, but an ordinary average guy does not need to be born Don Juan to meet ladies successfully. However, there are certain rules to follow / There are seven main pickup rules that will give you the edge in the competition for a woman's heart. These rules will increase success among the fair sex and allow them to instantly turn their heads with self-confident but gentlemanly behavior.

Pickup Rules

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  • Make eye contact with the woman before you approach her

Do you want to know for sure whether the dating attempt will be successful? Look into her eyes while still at a distance from her and analyze the reaction. If she looks back at you or, even better, smiles, then feel free to come up and start a conversation. If she avoids your gaze, then the chances of meeting you are so-so.

And do not forget that you need to carefully "examine" the situation. Find women who want to meet someone. Yes, this is an obvious fact, but the chance of a successful meeting with those who look around in search of a suitable man is much higher than with those women who pay attention only to the friends with whom they came. And remember: body language is very important to women. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances, then be careful. Exchanging glances is one of the most important pickup rules;

  • There is no need to show interest in both her and her friends at the same time

It is categorically impossible to show signs of attention to more than one woman in the same social circle. This, firstly, makes the man a womanizer, which reduces the chances of a successful meeting. And secondly, do not forget a very important thing: to conquer a woman successfully, you need to make her feel special. Even if several women in the same company look more than attractive, pick one and direct all your attention to her. Alternatively, go home alone;

  • Make her feel like the sexiest woman in the world

Women often fall in love with a man for one reason only: the way he makes them feel. If you make a woman feel like the most beautiful woman in the room, then the chances of another meeting increase dramatically. And in the long run, this behavior can be beneficial. If she is confident and comfortable in your presence, then you will receive benefits in all aspects of the relationship. One small warning: you shouldn't do this if the lady already has a lot of self-importance. It definitely does not need to be inflated to incredible sizes;

  • Even if it seems to you that she has already heard all these compliments, still tell her them

Simply put, compliment her, even if you think you are not the first to do it today. Do you think that you shouldn't approach that beauty who is standing in the corner? That a whole bunch of guys has probably already chatted with her and painted all the attractive aspects of her appearance in bright colors? But think about this: most men will think the same way. The most beautiful women are often whistled after them on the street, but normal guys do not approach them. Therefore, there is no need to guess or assume that she has already heard all these compliments. Be simpler, and she will be grateful to you for a pleasant, sincere conversation;

  • Don't use clichéd, pre-prepared pickup phrases

Never do that categorically. This may give the impression that you are trying too hard or, conversely, too inexperienced with women and just do not know how to get acquainted correctly (and this is even worse). The main rule here is simplicity, spontaneity, and sincerity. Throw out all the formal and typical phrases from your vocabulary gleaned somewhere on the Internet, and you will definitely stand out from the rest of the men who still use them. Yes, there are, unfortunately, a lot of them;

  • Don't meet in bars or nightclubs

In such places, women are used to trying to get to know them. Therefore, they are on guard and ready to repel your attack. Simply put, a woman can refuse only because you approached her right after the man who made her angry or because there was a whole line of those in front of you who tried to get to know her. Moreover, in nightclubs, where it is customary to get acquainted with women, girlfriends can especially protect the woman you like from men. And this is not the most suitable scenario. If you approach a woman somewhere else, then there will be an element of surprise on your side.

Women in supermarkets and coffee shops usually don't expect to be introduced to them. At the same time, they go about their daily activities so that they might be pleasantly surprised by your impulse. Just don't try to hone your pickup skills on a woman who, in sweatpants, rushes through the supermarket, frantically shopping. This is not the most grateful audience, and you will definitely not succeed with it. Besides, you should not meet women in the gym, on the subway, and when they are at work;

  • Know when you need to leave

Remember once and for all: there is nothing worse than an annoying guy. And repeat this phrase every time you go to meet someone. This is where the woman's body language comes in again. He will not only show when she is interested but also indicate the moment when you better leave. For example, watch where she looks: into your eyes, or does her gaze wander around the room as if she is looking for a place where she can escape? Does she look bored?

If you tell interesting stories, pour jokes and anecdotes, and she still does not react in any way, then you can stop trying and find someone else to meet. But even if a woman is completely and completely interested in getting to know you and listens to your conversations with her mouth open, you should not delay communication. If you leave, so to speak, at the most interesting place, then the woman will want to continue and be sure to ask for a new meeting;


Remember, even the most talented and successful guys in pickup sometimes get rejected. The secret of their success is that, despite constant refusals, they continue to approach women and try to meet. You can call it regular perseverance or thick skin. Both of these qualities are needed to meet successfully.

Therefore, follow the advice and do not allow yourself to back down because of a couple of rejections. Very often, a woman's "no" has nothing to do with a man's personality at all. She may simply be in a bad mood, or, for example, she is already in a relationship with someone. However, thanks to the rules given here, the number of your successful acquaintances will increase, and your collection of phone numbers will grow. Have good hunting.

I am a part computer algorithm, part real relationship expert, who can give advice on everything regarding relationships.
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